Nikhil About Us

Who We Are

Information Technology is at the core of all business operations and can make or break any company. Our promise? To provide an efficient and secure IT infrastructure for the success of your business.

SAM IT Solutions is a leading provider of Information Technology services to small & mid-sized firms. We provide Total IT Solutions (see our complete list of services here) to keep you from lagging behind in this highly competitive market and perform at your full potential.

We are all about helping companies find the right IT solutions so they can run smoothly and with proficiency to achieve their organizational goals. Leave the IT component to us, and fully focus on your business – easy!

Our success is the result of industry experience and knowledge coupled with a hunger for client satisfaction. Our qualified team of engineers, designers and developers work closely with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to better understand and cater for your needs.

We take pride in our elite team which has unparalleled technical knowledge, adopts a proactive approach and has hands on experience in solving real issues. Our exceptional IT services and unrelenting commitment to fulfilling our clients’ needs are what set us apart.

If you wish to increase your efficiency, visibility, profitability and take your company to the next level, contact us today!


We deploy world-class infrastructure to offer you the computing power, stability, and consistent performance you need in from your IT infrastructure. We have the technical capabilities to meet all your needs.


We remain vigilant and committed to around the clock quality customer care. We believe that we are only as good as our last interaction with you, not only in terms of what we provide, but how we provide it, and how quickly we get the job done


We place great emphasis on providing value to you, our clients. Value for you means getting more power, more stability, and more consistency for each dollar you spend.


We continually search for ways to eliminate waste and inefficiency from your IT systems to enable your company to run at its most efficient level, saving you money.

The Difference from all other IT Service Providers

SAM IT Solutions saves your valuable time by ensuring that your IT systems are always functioning effectively. We understand technology and the importance of transparency, so we explain to you what we are doing every step of the way. Our team of highly skilled professionals provide an exceptional level of attentive and personal service to all our clients. With our infrastructure overwatch, you can now sleep soundly and never have to worry about downtime or lost data.

We save you money by eliminating waste and enabling your IT systems and, most importantly your business, to operate at maximum efficiency.

We don’t just talk great service, we live it – every day of the year! That’s the SAM IT difference.

Leading IT Provider