Protect Yourself from Bluetooth Exploits

By Samudra Vijay — In Blog — January 6, 2018

As Bluetooth becomes the preferred method to connect devices to each other in short distances, such as speakers and watches, they become a target for attacks.  Bluetooth exploits are dangerous because they can spread easier and quicker than other methods, as it is an airborne threat, the device doesn’t need to be connected to a network.  Software in Bluetooth devices is also vulnerable to attacks. Also, most security measures are not protecting against it.

Blueborne, the most recent published Bluetooth vulnerability is able to masquerade as a Bluetooth device and deploy malicious code.  It is able to take full control of your device in about 10 seconds without the users knowledge, the user does not need to click on a link or approve anything.  It can then initiate a data transfer (of user passwords, pictures, and other sensitive information) to the system that deployed the hack.  Bluetooth has elevated privileges in most operating systems and is able to get access to these files easily.

Bluetooth device software is also vulnerable to being hacked and used for eavesdropping. Make sure to use devices with newer Bluetooth technology as there are security holes in older protocols that hackers can use to decrypt the signal and access your information.  They are able to listen in on your calls and conversations to obtain important details and data.

The best way to prevent against these attacks is to have Bluetooth turned off when not in use. Similar to locking the door before leaving the house, the concept can help prevent malicious attacks on your private data, even if your phone is not set to discoverable mode.